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Collision Risks When Traveling During Peak Hours


Rush hour can be a stressful time. In many business areas, peak travel hours are on weekdays between the hours of 7-9:30 am and 4-6 pm. When there are congested roadways, accident risks can increase, but there are things you can do to reduce your own personal risk of being involved in a peak hour collision.

Sustaining an injury in a rush hour can be stressful, painful, and expensive. If you are suffering with an injury from a Louisiana car accident, connect with a Shreveport injury lawyer to discuss the value of your personal injury claim.

Less Space for Mistakes and Adjustments

One common accident type during peak travel times are rear-end collisions. When vehicles are driving too close to one another, as can happen during rush hour, there is less room to adjust for unexpected stops or lane changes. Always keep ample space between your car and other vehicles, regardless of when you are traveling.

Sometimes other drivers will fill every space you leave, which can be irritating, but remain calm as much as possible. After all, feeling upset can lead to aggressive driving. Fast decisions made in frustration are not safe decisions. Take your time and do not let the aggressiveness of other drivers impact your behavior.

Tailgaters are a danger in all driving circumstances, and rush hour traffic can lead to multiple collisions when a driver is following another vehicle too closely. Do not tailgate and avoid other drivers who do.

Additional Peak Time Safety Tips

Keeping your car well maintained is an important part of staying safe on the roads. And if you constantly find yourself stuck in peak travel time traffic, consider another travel route if possible. Even if it adds a few minutes to your commute, a less traveled road could be a safer and calmer experience.

More safety tips:

  • Situate mirrors appropriately.
  • Do not participate in road rage driving behaviors.
  • Drive when you are rested, alert, and aware of your surroundings.
  • Use visors and polarized sunglasses to avoid sun glare.
  • Look for traffic signals and signs, then follow them.
  • Drive at the appropriate speed for the situation.

Lane switching can also be risky, particularly when a driver is repeatedly changing lanes, trying to find a path that would shave a bit of time off their journey. When possible, choose the middle lane and stick with it. Then, follow the speed limit but drive slower if there are risks that need to be avoided or managed. And if you or someone you love was involved in a collision, connect with a Shreveport injury lawyer to secure a damage recovery package that will allow your family to move past the event.

Was someone you love injured during a rush hour collision? The personal injury lawyers at Rice & Kendig can negotiate with an insurance company for you. We truly care about our clients and devote our knowledge, skills and resources toward securing a great result every time. You do not need to navigate complicated negotiations on your own. Together, we can achieve success. Contact us today at 318-222-2772 to schedule your free consultation.

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