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ADHD Linked to Auto Collisions Among Older Adults


Older adults can be at greater risk of a motor vehicle crash than younger drivers, and they can also be at increased risk of serious injury if a collision does occur. Why are older adults sometimes more likely to be involved in traffic wrecks than younger drivers? Among other reasons such as declining vision and slowed reaction time due to certain types of medications, a new study reported in JAMA Open Network suggests that attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) might also be a causal factor.

Whether you were injured by a negligent older adult driver with ADHD, or you were injured yourself in a collision while suffering from ADHD, you could be eligible to file a compensation claim. Our Shreveport traffic crash lawyers can tell you more about the recent study and how the findings could impact your case.

ADHD in Older Adults is Associated with More Dangerous Driving Behaviors 

The central finding of the recent JAMA study is that “ADHD is associated with a significantly increased crash risk in older adult drivers.” Thus, it is critical to get a proper diagnosis if you or an elderly loved one experiences signs of ADHD. At the same time, untreated ADHD could play a role in liability — and a finding of negligence — in a motor vehicle crash.

According to the study, the researchers examined nearly 3,000 active drivers between the ages of 65 and 79, and they found that ADHD was linked to more dangerous driving behaviors. More specifically, the researchers reported that “having ADHD was associated with a 7 percent increased risk of hard-braking events, a 102 percent increased risk of self-reported traffic ticket events, and a 74 percent increased risk of self-reported vehicular crashes.” Although ADHD is often associated with younger adults and is frequently diagnosed when a person is younger, it is critical to recognize that older adults also suffer from ADHD, and this disorder can have consequences on the road.

How a Driver with ADHD Could Be Liable for Injuries 

If an older adult motorist with ADHD is involved in a collision, the new study suggests that the motorist may be at fault as a result of ADHD. If you believe an older adult who crashed into your vehicle was dealing with ADHD, and that ADHD may have played a role in the collision, it is important to talk with your lawyer about how an ADHD diagnosis could be evidence of liability.

At the same time, you might be an older adult driver with ADHD who was struck by a negligent motorist — such as an intoxicated driver. If the other driver alleges that you are also partially at fault due to your ADHD, it is important to work with a lawyer to show that your disorder did not result in any negligence on your part and that Louisiana’s comparative fault law is not relevant. Even if a defendant can show that a plaintiff with ADHD was partially at fault, Louisiana’s “pure” comparative fault law still allows that plaintiff to recover damages.

Contact a Shreveport Auto Injury Attorney for Assistance 

In some cases, a person’s ADHD could impact their ability to drive safely and could result in liability (partial or full) for a motor vehicle collision in Louisiana, depending upon the circumstances. Whether you were injured by an older adult driver who was negligent, or you have concerns about comparative fault and your own ADHD diagnosis, an attorney can help you. You should get in touch with an experienced Shreveport auto injury lawyer at Rice & Kendig, LLC to learn more about filing a compensation claim. Contact us today to begin discussing your case and your options for moving forward with your claim.




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