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What is a Side-Impact Collision?


Car crashes and automobile collisions have many different names depending upon how the wreck occurred and, in some cases, how many vehicles were involved. You might hear about, for example, a head-on collision (meaning a frontal collision, or crash in which two vehicles collide with one another while traveling in opposite directions), a rear-end crash (where one vehicle strikes the car in front of it, often as a result of distracted driving or following too closely), or a pileup collision (typically involving three or more vehicles that have each hit the vehicle in front from behind, creating a chain-reaction “pileup” of vehicles). Another common term to describe a type of crash is a side-impact collision.

What is a side-impact collision, who is usually at fault, and what do you need to know in order to seek compensation? Our Shreveport auto collision lawyers can tell you more.

Learning More About Side-Impact Collisions 

Side-impact crashes are collisions that occur when one car or truck crashes into the side of a different vehicle. You might have heard of a T-bone crash, which is a specific kind of side-impact collision. A T-bone collision is also known as a right-angle collision because of the T-shape created when one vehicle crashes head-on into the side of another vehicle. General side-impact collisions can also be side-swipe collisions, where one vehicle forcefully “swipes” the side of another vehicle, which may occur, for example, while attempting to change lanes and failing to see another car in the blind spot. In some cases, side-impact crashes are also described as broadside collisions, or might be described as a wreck in which one car broadsided another.

In short, a side-impact collision involves an impact to the side of a vehicle, and these types of crashes are often severe and deadly. Drivers, and more often passengers, are injured or killed in side-impact collisions in Louisiana and throughout the country. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), side-impact crashes are responsible for approximately 23 percent of all passenger-occupant fatalities in motor vehicle collisions.

Liability for Side-Impact Crashes 

Liability for a side-impact collision will depend upon the specific facts of the case. In many circumstances, a negligent motorist is liable for a side-impact crash due to, for example:

  • Distracted driving;
  • Running a red light or a stop sign;
  • Changing lanes without checking a blind spot;
  • Drunk or drugged driving; or
  • Drowsy driving.

Sometimes side-impact crashes can also have other causes, such as swerving to avoid debris in the road, or a vehicle defect.

How to Seek Compensation After a Side-Impact Collision in Louisiana 

To seek compensation after a side-impact crash or any type of motor vehicle collision, you may be able to file an insurance claim or a civil claim against the liable party. In order to file a lawsuit, you will need to file your lawsuit within one year from the date of the crash according to Louisiana law. To ensure that you seek compensation in a timely manner, you should seek help from an attorney as soon as possible.

Contact an Auto Injury Lawyer in Shreveport 

If you were injured in any type of traffic collision or motor vehicle crash in Louisiana, one of the experienced Shreveport auto injury attorneys at Rice & Kendig, LLC can assist you with your case. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for assistance.






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