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Category Archives: Distracted Driving Accident


What To Know About Distracted Driving Crashes Involving Pedestrians

By ​Rice & Kendig, LLC |

Distracted driving crashes can occur almost anywhere in Shreveport when a driver behind the wheel is not paying sufficient attention to the road and to the task of driving. Much too often, pedestrians are seriously injured in collisions involving distracted drivers. From crashes that occur in crosswalks to those that happen on local roads… Read More »

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Distracted Driving Is Caused By More Than Smart Phones

By ​Rice & Kendig, LLC |

Distracted driving crash rates have risen with the increased use of smartphones over the last decade and longer. As a result, many people assume that the majority of collisions caused by distracted driving involve a motorist who is talking or texting on a phone, or otherwise using a phone to look up information on… Read More »

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What Type Of Evidence Can Prove Distracted Driving?

By ​Rice & Kendig, LLC |

When a distracted motorist causes a collision in Shreveport that results in serious injuries, you may be concerned that it will be difficult to prove negligence. Unlike drunk driving crashes where an intoxicated motorist might be required to take a breathalyzer test, there is no test like a breathalyzer to prove distracted driving. Given… Read More »

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How Does Comparative Fault Affect A Distracted Driving Case?

By ​Rice & Kendig, LLC |

If you were injured recently in a collision involving a distracted driver, you are likely considering your options for seeking financial compensation. You may have already begun the process of filing an auto insurance claim, and you may be thinking about a car crash lawsuit. When you are planning to file a lawsuit against… Read More »

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Common Causes Of Distracted Driving Collisions

By ​Rice & Kendig, LLC |

Car crashes can happen for a wide variety of reasons in the Shreveport area, and in many cases, distracted driving is the cause. When drivers get distracted behind the wheel, they can cause serious and deadly wrecks that were otherwise avoidable. While many people assume that smartphone use is the major or only cause… Read More »

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Bill To Ban “Hand-Held Cell Phones” While Driving Passes House

By ​Rice & Kendig, LLC |

A recent analysis of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data placed Louisiana second on the list of states with the highest instances of distracted driving-related deaths. It is because of data like this that state officials have stepped up their efforts to restrict specific forms of distracted driving, particularly texting while driving. In… Read More »

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