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Category Archives: Motorcycle Accident


Determining Motorcycle Crash Liability in Louisiana

By ​Rice & Kendig, LLC |

If you were recently injured in a motorcycle crash in the Shreveport area, you should be trying to determine: who is responsible for paying for my losses? Determining liability for a motorcycle injury can allow the injury victim to file a claim in order to seek compensation for medical care, lost wages, and more…. Read More »

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Motorcycle Crashes and Helmets in Shreveport: What You Should Consider

By ​Rice & Kendig, LLC |

Motorcycle collisions can result in severe injuries, and these debilitating crashes are often deadly. While motorcyclists can sustain a wide range of serious injuries in wrecks, it is particularly important to understand how helmet use can be a significant factor in motorcycle collision claims involving brain injuries. Our Shreveport motorcycle injury attorneys can help… Read More »

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What Steps Should I Take After A Motorcycle Crash?

By ​Rice & Kendig, LLC |

Motorcycles only make up about 3 percent of all registered vehicles on the roads, but motorcycles are involved in about 14 percent of all reported traffic fatalities, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). To put that information another way, motorcyclists are disproportionately at risk of a fatal crash based on the total number… Read More »

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Who Is Liable For A Motorcycle Crash?

By ​Rice & Kendig, LLC |

Motorcycle crashes can result in serious and devastating injuries in the Shreveport area. According to the State of Louisiana, collisions have been on the rise across the state, and the overall rate of serious and deadly crashes is higher in Louisiana than nationally. There are various reasons for a potentially higher collision rate in… Read More »

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Who Is At Fault For A Motorcycle Crash?

By ​Rice & Kendig, LLC |

Motorcyclists often sustain serious and life-threatening injuries in crashes, particularly when they are involved in collisions with automobiles. The Insurance Information Institute (III) explains that “motorcycles are by their nature far less crashworthy than closed vehicles.” As a result, motorcyclists are more likely to suffer injuries in a collision than occupants of a passenger… Read More »

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Have You Been In A Louisiana Motorcycle Crash?

By ​Rice & Kendig, LLC |

Summertime brings many Louisiana residents out to enjoy the weather, and a common way for many to do so is on motorcycles. While Louisiana does not have as many registered motorcycles as some other states, collisions still happen with relative regularity in our state. In addition, collisions involving motorcycles cause a disproportionate amount of… Read More »

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Louisiana Motorcycle Crashes Can Be Deadly

By ​Rice & Kendig, LLC |

Data from Louisiana State University (LSU) estimates that in 2020, approximately 1,187 people were injured or killed in motorcycle crashes in the state. This is a somewhat lower rate than the national average. The fact remains that motorcycle crashes are approximately 29 times more likely to result in death or injury for the rider… Read More »

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