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Shreveport T-Bone Accident Lawyer

T-bone accidents, also known as broadside or side-impact collisions, are one of the deadliest forms of car accidents that can occur. T-bone crashes account for about 9,000 deaths annually. Often, over one-half of all auto accidents in a given year result from a T-bone crash. In fact, these accidents are even more likely to be fatal than a head-on crash and, of course, are far more deadly than rear-end collisions, which can cause severe injury but are rarely fatal.

Even when a driver’s liability in causing a T-bone accident is clear, the driver’s insurance company might still try to lessen their payment by casting partial blame on the driver of the car who was hit. Additionally, getting a full and fair amount of compensation after a catastrophic or fatal injury takes a great deal of legal knowledge and skill gained from years of experience handling the most serious auto accidents. At Rice & Kendig, our auto accident lawyers have been helping car accident victims in Shreveport-Bossier City and North Louisiana for more than 40 years. We understand how to build a strong case for settlement or jury verdict and follow through to get the results our clients need.

How Do T-Bone Auto Accidents Happen?

T-bone collisions occur most often at intersections when a negligent or distracted driver runs a red light, ignores a stop sign or speeds up to try to beat a yellow light. The negligent driver broadsides another car that is lawfully in the intersection at the time, striking the victim’s car perpendicularly, creating a “T” shape of the two vehicles on impact.

At intersections as well as in the middle of a street or undivided highway, T-bone crashes can also come about when a driver is making a left-hand turn across traffic. Both drivers, in this instance, must take care not to misjudge each other’s speed or distance from one another. An impact is more likely if the turn takes place near a hill or blind corner, giving both parties less reaction time to avoid a crash.

Similarly, T-bone accidents can also happen at unmarked intersections in rural areas or when a car pulls out into traffic from a driveway or side street while the other driver is coming from over a hill or around a turn. One or both drivers might bear some responsibility for the accident in this case, and it takes the expertise of a skilled and experienced attorney at Rice & Kendig to help an accident victim get the maximum compensation available when the other driver’s insurance company is trying to blame the crash on the victim.

Why Are T-Bone Car Crashes so Dangerous?

T-bone crashes are especially damaging because the negligent driver strikes the victim’s vehicle in its most vulnerable area – the side doors. This area offers the least amount of protection for vehicle occupants from an outside impact. These days, side-impact airbags come standard in most new vehicles, but they are not yet mandated by the government and are absent from older models and most cars currently on the road. Even when present, side airbags could fail to deploy or fully protect the occupants in a crash.

The most dangerous collision occurs when a sedan is hit by a pickup truck or SUV. These taller vehicles are likely to strike the car with full force on the windows and pillars/posts, exposing the victims to nearly direct contact from the crashing vehicle. If the oncoming vehicle is an 18-wheeler, the accident is likely to result in death or catastrophic injury.

A broadside crash can also initiate a rollover of the struck vehicle. Victims of rollover accidents are at high risk for brain or spinal injury or wrongful death. Whether pushed or tipped over, the struck vehicle can also impact other cars or pedestrians, creating even more havoc and severe injury and further complicating the scene.

Skilled, Experienced and Dedicated Shreveport-Bossier City Car Accident Injury Lawyers

T-bone car crashes are complex events, and the injuries suffered are often severe. T-bone accident victims require a fair amount of compensation to deal with their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and the disruption to their lives the accident and injury have caused. At Rice & Kendig, we treat clients like they are family. We commit ourselves to making sure our clients are taken care of and get the treatment they need, and we fight tirelessly to ensure they get the compensation they need and deserve. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a T-bone crash or other auto accident in Shreveport-Bossier City or North Louisiana, call Rice & Kendig injury lawyers for immediate assistance.

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