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Replacing Child Car Seats After A Car Collision


Car crashes are always stressful and fears can be even higher when young kids are in the car at the time of impact. Even when everyone is physically alright, other worries can appear. For example, you may wonder if the car seats and booster seats you are using were damaged in the wreck, and if they were, does this affect their ability to keep little ones safe should another collision occur.

In most situations whether a child car seat needs to be replaced will depend on if the crash was minor or severe. In the past, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommended that seats always be replaced, but those guidelines have changed over time. For more information, contact the To understand the best path forward for you after a car accident, discuss your situation with a Shreveport injury lawyer.

Replacement Costs Could be Covered by Insurance Companies

One of the expenses that could be part of your insurance claim settlement is a new child car seat, and the replacement does not need to be the same model that was in the car during the collision. While your old car seat or booster may be eligible for recycling, they can’t be donated due to safety concerns.

Circumstances that require seats be replaced, according to the NHTSA, are situations where a car wreck is not considered minor. In order for a wreck to be designated as a minor collision, all of the following must apply:

  • You were able to drive away from the event
  • Nobody sustained physical injuries
  • The doors of your car or truck were not damaged
  • Deployment of airbags did not occur
  • You have assessed the seat and did not notice any issues

Looking over a child car seat, types of damage you are looking for include webbing that is torn or stretched, broken or cracked areas, stitching that has come loose, or any other indicator that a seat may perform less efficiently than it did prior to the wreck. For many families, the best choice is to simply replace the seat or booster for their own peace of mind.

If you are trying to determine if a child safety seat could be part of your claim, discuss the details of your situation with a Shreveport injury lawyer. An experienced personal injury attorney has secured compensation packages for a range of situations. They have the skills you need to obtain a full and fair settlement amount, which could include the expense of replacing a child booster seat. 

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