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Top Things to Know About Brain Injuries


Brain injuries are among the most severe types of injury a person can sustain in a crash or in another type of incident that results in personal harm. What do you need to know about brain injuries in Shreveport? It is important to learn more about how brain injuries are classified, how they happen, and what you will need to do if you want to file a claim for financial compensation. Our Shreveport brain injury lawyers can provide you with critical information that can help you.

Brain Injuries Are Classified Based on Severity 

When a person sustains a brain injury, the brain injury will be classified according to its severity. As the Mayo Clinic clarifies, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) fall into one of the following three categories of severity:

  • Mild TBIs, also known as concussions;
  • Moderate TBIs; and
  • Severe TBIs.

The severity of a brain injury impacts the symptoms, with moderate and severe brain injuries typically causing more pronounced symptoms like loss of consciousness. Yet even a mild TBI, or concussion, requires assessment by a health care provider and can have long-term consequences.

Brain Injuries Have Many Different Causes 

There are many different common causes of brain injuries, including but not limited to:

  • Motor vehicle crashes;
  • Sports-related injuries;
  • Falls;
  • Recreational incidents; and
  • Assaults.

Parties Can Be Liable for Brain Injuries in Multiple Ways

 Another person or entity can be liable for a brain injury in different ways. In some cases, another person’s negligence or careless behavior — even if they did not mean to cause a brain injury — can result in liability. When a person intentionally tries to cause harm and that behavior results in a brain injury, the person can be liable, as well. Sometimes parties can also be strictly liable for brain injuries, even if they did not intend to cause harm and even if they did not behave negligently.

Most Brain Injury Claims Must Be Filed Before a Year Passes from the Date of the Injury 

Personal injury lawsuits, including those involving brain injuries, have limited time windows that are known as the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations dictates how much time a plaintiff has from the date of an injury to file a civil lawsuit against the party who is liable for the injury. In most brain injury cases, the statute of limitations is one year from the date that the brain injury happened. What this means is that the clock on your case will start ticking on the date of your brain injury, and you will need to file a brain injury lawsuit before one year has passed.

Contact a Shreveport Brain Injury Attorney Today 

Brain injuries can occur in various types of motor vehicle crashes and in other types of circumstances where personal injuries happen, such as in dog attacks. In any situation where another party’s negligence or intentional wrongdoing resulted in your brain injury or the brain injury of someone you love, it is important to seek advice about filing a claim and seeking compensation. One of the experienced Shreveport brain injury lawyers at Rice & Kendig, LLC can assess your case for you today and discuss your options for filing an insurance claim or moving forward with a civil lawsuit under Louisiana law.




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