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Dog Bite Cases

There have been drastic increases in the number of dog bites and other dog-related injuries because of the increase in dog ownership and interaction between people and dogs. As a result there have been increases in dog-related injury hospitalizations. There has also been a rise in the number of aggressive dogs as people increasingly use dogs for home protection. When an aggressive dog is not properly supervised and is allowed outside of a fenced area or home, it places persons in the vicinity of the dog in danger. Often, people are attacked by a neighbor’s dog while on a walk down the street or traversing from their parked vehicle to the entrance of their home. Sometimes people are visiting a friend and are not warned of the aggressive nature of the friend’s dog. Many times an owner just fails to control their dog with a leash and collar. Aggressive dogs have been known to attack and chase children into the street and the path of oncoming vehicles. Dog owners have a responsibility to properly control their dogs and confine their dogs to their property. If a dog owner fails to control his dog and it results in harm to another, the owner is responsible for the harms and losses caused by his dog.

If you’ve been injured as a result of dog bite or dog-related incident, give us a call. The initial consultation is free. Our attorneys are experienced in dog bite litigation and can help you determine your legal rights. We can also advance the cost of your medical treatment of your injuries, such as visits to medical providers, prescription medication, medical procedures and surgeries. This gives you the peace of mind and assurance that no matter what injury is discovered you will have the resources to make a full recovery.

When you have been injured, many times medical doctors refuse to treat personal injury victims. Rice & Kendig has an excellent reputation and excellent relationships with quality healthcare providers throughout the Ark-La-Tex to ensure you have an opportunity to make the quickest and best recovery possible.

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