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When a Louisiana Personal Injury Claim Becomes a Lawsuit


After an injury, securing compensation is not as simple as it should be in many instances. Individuals may find themselves in a dispute with an insurance company. It may not feel fair, but it often falls to the injured person to prove fault. Because accident claims can be complex, many find it beneficial to connect with Shreveport injury lawyers. Seasoned attorneys can negotiate for you.

But, there are times when circumstances shift or an insurance company denies the claim. In those instances, filing a personal injury suit may be the best path to compensation.  In Louisiana you have one year from the time the incident or accident occurs to file a lawsuit.  A lawsuit will protect your claim and is usually filed against an individual, entity, and the insurance company.

Filing a Claim

It may be clear immediately after a collision that a claim will be filed, but even if you are not sure, there are steps you can take to help strengthen your claim should it move forward. For instance, gather evidence as soon as possible. This could include one or more of the following.

  • Accounts of what happened from people at the scene
  • Capturing pictures of car damages, injuries, and the accident site
  • Saving medical bills and medication receipts

Documentation is essential because even if an insurance company recognizes the need for some compensation, they may try to reduce the amount you are awarded. Shreveport injury lawyers understand accident claims. They can assess the documentation you have and determine the size of a fair settlement amount. When that amount cannot be accessed, an experienced attorney could help you through the lawsuit process.

Moving Forward with a Louisiana Lawsuit

There are time limits in place when it comes to lawsuits, so it’s important to recognize this when negotiating with insurance companies. You do not want to run up against the statute of limitations. In Louisiana the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit is one year from the date of the accident injury. The time starts from the date the incident occurs.  If you are injured you need to act quickly if you are seeking damages for medical bills and lost wages connected to that injury.

When a lawsuit is necessary to achieve fair compensation, a skilled lawyer will work through the discovery process, collecting data, documents, and records. Negotiations may still happen with the insurance company for the individual or entity on the other side of the lawsuit during this time. It is common for disputes to settle before they go to court. If this is not possible, the case will advance to trial.

Accidents are upsetting events, you do not have to worry about how to achieve a fair settlement on your own. An experienced attorney has the skills needed to push back against low settlement offers.

Are you ready to move forward with a Louisiana personal injury claim or lawsuit? Talk to the personal injury lawyers at Rice & Kendig. We truly care about our clients and devote all our knowledge, skills and resources toward securing a great result every time. You do not need to navigate complicated negotiations on your own. Together, we can achieve success. Contact us today at 318-222-2772 to schedule your free consultation.

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