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What Happens After A Car Accident in Louisiana?


Taking steps to avoid car collisions is an essential part of safe driving.  Car accidents still happen every day. Whether your Louisiana car accident involved two cars or several vehicles, there can be confusion about which driver is at fault. A Shreveport auto accident lawyer can help.

Steps to Take After a Collision

After a collision, you may be upset and emotional but there are steps you can take to be sure you have all the details should you need to file a claim or lawsuit later.

  • Check for injuries. If you need help, call 911 or ask another to do it for you. When emergency services are needed, request them.
  • Alert law enforcement. A police officer will document the accident site and complete a crash report. This is an important step for both major crashes and small fender benders. Request a copy of the report for your own records.
  • Exchange information. It is important to have names and contact information for everyone involved. You will also want to document insurance information and the make and models of the other vehicles. When gathering information, do not make excuses or apologies, stick to the facts.
  • Take photos. Document the accident site. Record details that contributed to the accident, vehicular damage, and physical injuries.
  • Get the names of witnesses and ask them to wait until the police arrive. If they cannot wait, get their full names, telephone numbers and addresses if possible.
  • Speak calmly. Wait for your turn.  Do not interrupt.  When you speak to the police, speak calmly and try to be as organized and descriptive as possible.  Stick to the facts.

All documentation is helpful as Louisiana is an at-fault state. An at-fault state means there will be a determination of which driver was at fault. When multiple vehicles are involved, there is the possibility of more than one driver being at fault. In those situations, each driver could be assigned a percentage of responsibility.

Multi-Car Accidents from Chain Reactions

When several cars are involved in a crash, it is often from chain reactions. A chain reaction is when two cars collide and then that accident causes a third vehicle to hit one of those vehicles. From there, even more cars can make an impact.

There can be a lot of stress and major injuries due to multi-car accidents. If you were hurt in a car accident involving several vehicles, talk to a Shreveport auto accident lawyer to learn about your options.

Are you recovering from injuries sustained in a North Louisiana multi-car crash? Talk to the personal injury lawyers at Rice & Kendig. We truly care about our clients and devote all our knowledge, skills and resources toward securing a great result every time. You do not need to navigate complicated negotiations on your own. Together, we can achieve success. Contact us today at 318-222-2772 to schedule your free consultation.

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