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What Causes Most Boating Injuries In Louisiana?


Boating is a popular activity in and around Shreveport. Whether you are a resident of the city and own your own vessel, or you are visiting and renting a boat, you may enjoy boating in various areas and on many different types of vessels. You might enjoy boating in a larger watercraft on the Red River, for example, or you may be canoeing or kayaking around Cross Lake or nearby swamps. No matter where you are boating in Louisiana, it is critical to gain an understanding of boating safety, and to learn more about the most common causes of boating injuries in the Shreveport area. Our experienced Shreveport boating injury attorneys can provide you with more information cited by the United States Coast Guard and Boating Safety magazine.

Falls Overboard 

Falls overboard on a boat can happen for various reasons, from consuming alcohol and being intoxicated onboard to falling when the boat hits rough water or runs aground. If a person is not wearing a life jacket and falls overboard, they can drown. Even falling overboard with appropriate safety gear can result in injuries.


Speeding, especially at night, is one of the leading causes of boat wrecks and injuries, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. As the U.S. Coast Guard explains, “at night you can’t always trust your senses to determine a clear path,” and traveling at a faster speed can result in collisions with other boats or objects.

Lack of Appropriate Boat Safety Gear 

Many injuries occur while boating because a vessel operator or passenger is not wearing appropriate safety gear. Life jackets are essential on boats, and the U.S. Coast Guard emphasizes that they routinely “save lives.” Indeed, “about half of drowning fatalities involve boaters without life jackets.”

Failure to Maintain a Lookout 

Distracted boating is among the leading causes of crashes and injuries. When a vessel operator fails to maintain a lookout, they can collide with another vessel or an object, or may not see another dangerous issue ahead. While operating a vessel, it is essential to stay focused on the task to avoid injuries.

Boating During Inclement Weather 

Inclement weather is a frequent cause of serious and deadly boating injuries. Much too often, boaters decide to take their vessels out when the weather looks potentially hazardous, and they can be caught in dangerous storms.

Alcohol Consumption 

The U.S. Coast guard cites alcohol consumption as one of the leading reasons for serious and fatal boating crashes and injuries. The effects of alcohol can be more pronounced when you are out on the water, and drinking and boating can lead to dangerous vessel operation and crashes on the water.

Contact a Boating Injury Attorney in Shreveport 

If you or somebody you love got hurt in a boating collision or boating crash in Louisiana, it is important to find out more about filing a claim for financial compensation. Depending upon the cause of the boating injury, one or more parties could be liable. Do not hesitate to get in touch with the experienced Shreveport boating injury attorneys at Rice & Kendig, LLC today.



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