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Under Cover of Covid-19: Big Insurance Attacks Citizens Rights

Tort Reform is the big lie the insurance companies and big business created to reduce your rights and increase their profits. Former State Senator, John Milkovich wrote to many this morning exposing what the insurance industry and some legislators are trying to do while we are dealing with COVID-19.

John Milkovich wrote, “… in this time of shared sacrifice, the Insurance Lobby and some Legislators, have something altogether different in mind. Big Insurance, Lobbyists and some cash and carry Legislators–– hopeful for campaign contributions from the unlimited larders of the Insurance Industry–– have decided it’s a good time to strike. And they’re attempting to rapidly pass a series of measures to tilt the playing field against Louisiana’s working families, take away citizens’ rights and boost insurance company profits. Thus, the Insurance Lobby is moving to:

  • Make it Illegal to sue Insurance Companies in Louisiana.
  • Cut reimbursement to Louisiana’s Health Care Providers–– and let Insurers pocket the profit.
  • Put a Dollar Limit on the loss of human life, when a family member is killed by negligent conduct.
  • Increase Insurance Company Profits.

And there’s no guarantee that our insurance rates will be cut a single cent. Under the laws proposed, who would decide if rates will be cut? The corporate entities that have the least incentive to see rates cut: The Insurance Industry.”

Don’t Buy the Big Lie!

Prevent insurers from basing automobile insurance rates on credit reports, widow status, gender, single parent status and returning veteran status! Base rates on driving history. Email your representatives and Senators today. Let them know that you know about the big lie and you won’t stand for it. It’s time for them to start protecting the people of Louisiana from the Insurance Industry. Please call or email your Louisiana Representative and Senator and tell them you are against House Bill 9, Senate Bill 418, 419 and 471. These bills would limit recovery in personal injury cases like yours.

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