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Tort Reform – the Recycled “Big Lie”

Tort Reform is the big lie the insurance companies and big business created to reduce your rights and increase their profits. Every year big business lobbyists descend on Baton Rouge and campaign against consumer rights. If you don’t own a big company, you are a consumer. Big Business does not want to help you. Big Business wants to help itself. The only way they win is if the rest of us lose. This year’s onslaught is being led by State Farm, and other insurance companies.

The Big Lie

State Farm and the legislators it helped elect, will tell you that they want to lower your insurance rates. The big lie they tell is: if your access to the court and reasonable compensation is reduced, your insurance rates will go down. An independent audit by a conservative group proved that to be a big lie. So did an audit by the Louisiana Legislative Fiscal Office. Reducing consumer rights will not lower insurance rates.

If We Want to Lower Rates, Real Reform Is Needed

“Tort reform won‘t lower insurance rates, it will just make insurance companies more money.” “Isn’t because of our tort laws. It’s because of the insurance companies who are using things like secret penalties based on your gender, or your status as a returning military veteran, or your marital status, your education, your credit score; things that absolutely nothing to do with your driving record,” – Eric Holl Real Reform Louisiana.

Tell State Farm’s Legislators We Want Real Reform

Prevent insurers from basing automobile insurance rates on credit reports, widow status, gender, single parent status and returning veteran status! Base rates on driving history. Email your representatives and Senators today. Let them know that you know about the big lie.

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