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School Zone Collisions and Injuries


Motorists in and around Shreveport have a duty to be responsible drivers and to avoid engaging in dangerous behaviors that could result in serious collisions with pedestrians. To be sure, severe pedestrian crashes and injuries can happen almost anywhere in Shreveport, but these dangers are especially pronounced in school zones. School zones throughout Caddo Parish have strict speed limits that are designed to reduce the rate of collisions involving pedestrians of all ages — from young school children to parents and school employees. While lower speeds do help, motorists continue to speed through many school zones, putting pedestrians at serious risk.

What should you know about school zone collisions and injuries? Consider some of the following key information from a Shreveport pedestrian injury attorney at Rice & Kendig, LLC.

Common Dangers in School Zones 

How are students and others at greatest risk of injury in school zones? According to a report from SafeKids.org, the following are the most common hazards that result in injuries in school zones:

  • Speeding cars;
  • Distracted motorists;
  • Distracted walking;
  • Unsafe behaviors at car drop-off and pick-up; and
  • Crossing outside the crosswalk.

According to the report, teenagers are at particularly high risk of injury in school zones due to distracted behaviors such as texting while walking or listening to music, and an average of five teen pedestrians are killed every week in the US in or near school zones. In the last decade, there has also been a significant increase in the rate of teen pedestrian deaths, according to the report.

Improving Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety in School Zones 

What should school districts be doing to prevent pedestrian injuries? According to American City & County, rumble strips, traffic signals, proper turn lanes, roundabouts, and speed cameras can help to reduce the rates of injuries and deaths.

In Shreveport, many school zones already have speed limit cameras, according to KEEL. More than two dozen schools are currently part of the program using speed limit cameras, which operate at hours when students are arriving and departing schools. At this point, motorists receive tickets in the mail for speeding in these areas. Ultimately, when crashes do occur and pedestrians are injured, it may be possible to file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent motorist who caused the crash. In some cases, other parties could also be liable. It is important to have an attorney assess your case to determine which party or parties could be responsible for the school zone crash in which you or your child got hurt.

Contact Our Shreveport Pedestrian Injury Attorneys for Assistance 

Pedestrian injuries occur much too often in the Shreveport area, and they can even happen in school zones and affect young children. If you or your child recently got hurt in a pedestrian collision involving a negligent motorist — whether in a Shreveport school zone or elsewhere — it may be possible to file a claim for financial compensation. You should contact the experienced Shreveport pedestrian injury lawyers at Rice & Kendig, LLC to find out more about your options. Get in touch with our firm today to discuss the details of your case and the steps you can take to move forward with a claim.





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