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Red River Parish Truck Accident Lawyer

Accidents involving large trucks happen every day around the country. Many of these result in one or more fatalities, especially for occupants of the smaller vehicles. The weight and size difference between an 18-wheeler truck and a passenger vehicle can result in catastrophic injuries or turn even a seemingly minor accident deadly. Many large truck accidents also involve a tractor-trailer rather than just the truck cab, which can do significant damage. If you were injured or a loved one killed in a large truck accident in Louisiana, speak with a Red River Parish truck accident lawyer today.

At Rice & Kendig, we have years of experience representing clients for injuries sustained in a truck accident. We understand what a terrifying time this is for you. Let us help with all the frustrating legal aspects when a truck driver’s negligence injures you. Our priority is to hold the responsible parties accountable for your injuries and fight for the compensation you deserve.

  • Common Causes of Truck AccidentsT-Bone Accidents
  • Tractor-Trailer Jackknife Accidents
  • Truck Driver Hours of Service Rules

Driver Fatigue Is a Leading Cause of Truck Accidents in Red River Parish

Since many truck drivers are being paid by delivery, there’s a rush to get loads delivered as quickly as possible. Despite federal rules dictating how many hours truck drivers can work, some push the limits. It’s not only them pushing the limits; their employers may advocate for breaking the rules to get the delivery there faster. The end result is fatigued drivers on the road. When a driver is exhausted, they have slower reaction time, have trouble focusing, show poor judgment, etc. When an 18-wheeler truck driver is fatigued, they put countless lives in danger.

Driver Negligence Behind the Wheel

Before drivers can operate these big trucks, they need special training and a commercial license. Most drivers are skilled and go through the entire process. However, some are not as contentious as they could be behind the wheel. They may drive aggressively, speed, pass in an unsafe manner, etc. Truck drivers can also be distracted, paying attention to their phones, radio, GPS, etc. Some drivers also give in to temptation and drink while on the road. Drinking and driving can be deadly in passenger vehicles; imagine how deadly it can be in a large 18-wheeler truck.

Overloaded or Unbalanced Cargo

Another potential issue with large trucks is their cargo load. A truck that is operating with too heavy of a load can become unstable and cause the driver to lose control if they stop suddenly, take a curve too quickly, etc. The same problem can occur with cargo loads that aren’t properly distributed. Jackknifes and rollover accidents are common with overloaded or unbalanced cargo on trailers.

Contact Red River Parish Truck Accident Lawyer

The Red River Parish truck accident lawyers at Rice & Kendig have more than four decades of experience handling catastrophic injuries and fatal truck accident cases. Let us put our skills and expertise to work for you and help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact Rice & Kendig Injury Lawyers today to schedule an initial consultation.

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