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Red River Parish Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating experience and a fun way to travel. However, it’s also a perilous way to travel as motorcycle riders are approximately nine times more likely to suffer injuries in an accident when compared to occupants of a passenger vehicle. They could be more than 35 times as likely to be killed. These are shocking statistics, but not surprising, given that motorcycle riders don’t have the same safety protections as vehicle occupants. In many accidents, a motorcycle rider’s body makes a direct impact with the other vehicle.

If you or someone you love was injured or killed while riding a motorcycle due to someone else’s negligence, you could have a legal right to bring a claim for damages. To learn more, contact a Red River Parish motorcycle accident lawyer at Rice & Kendig.

Louisiana Helmet Laws

Louisiana has a universal helmet law, meaning everyone riding or operating a motorcycle must wear an approved safety helmet. It must be one designed for motorcycle riding and have a chin strap. Helmets must have padding, a visor, and a liner, as well as any other specifications set forth by the Department of Public Safety and Corrections. Choosing not to wear a helmet could result in a ticket, but it could also cost you your life. If you don’t wear one, the other party will use that against you in a claim for damages.

While helmets can’t prevent all injuries, they can help you from suffering more severe head injuries in many cases.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Most motorcycle accidents happen when a vehicle driver fails to notice a motorcycle near them and makes an unsafe movement. That could be suddenly stopping, making an unsafe turn, or lane change. Motorcycles are smaller than passenger vehicles, and there aren’t nearly as many of them on the roads. That is why some drivers fail to notice them. Other times, drivers may see the motorcycle but misjudge the distance and turn in front of the rider. While not common, some drivers just don’t like motorcycle riders and intentionally drive aggressively and even crowd a motorcycle rider out of their own lane.

Helpful Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

All motorcycle riders need to be as safe as possible, including developing the experience necessary to be a defensive rider. You should know how to handle an emergency, lay your motorcycle down, or make the correct snap judgment when faced with a hazardous situation.

To help you stay safe when riding, you should always:

  • Wear proper protective clothing
  • Wear a proper helmet
  • Ride in the center of your lane
  • Keep your motorcycle well-maintained
  • Signal lane changes or turns well in advance
  • Adjust your riding to match the current weather and road conditions
  • Always ride defensively and ensure you are a safe distance from other vehicles

Contact a Red River Parish Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in a Louisiana motorcycle accident, you need an experienced legal advocate on your side. The Red River Parish motorcycle accident lawyers at Rice & Kendig are here to help. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation.

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