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Rear-End Collisions On Louisiana Roads


There are many different types of traffic collisions, but rear-end crashes are among the most dangerous. Too often, a driver may become distracted and the front of their car will connect with the rear of someone else’s. This can lead to serious injuries, often more serious than in other types of vehicle accidents.

If you have been injured in a rear-end collision in Louisiana, contacting a Shreveport rear-end collision attorney is a good idea, as you may be able to collect compensation for what you have been through. We can get your records for you and help to guide you through what can be a complex legal process.

Hows and Whys

There are several different reasons why rear-end collisions happen, but distracted driving is by far the most frequent. Data reported by the Washington Post estimates that as many as 87 percent of rear-end collisions happen because drivers are simply not paying attention to the road. Other common factors that contribute include mechanical failure, driver fatigue, or taking risks like speeding or following too closely.

In many states, a driver who strikes the rear of another vehicle with their own may not immediately be presumed liable for any injuries or damage. However, in Louisiana, statutory law places that driver firmly on the hook. Vehicles must maintain a “reasonable and prudent” distance from the vehicle in front of them. A failure to do that implies a breach of the duty of care, which can be a profound problem if the driver is ever accused of negligence. So, if your vehicle was struck from behind, and you were injured, you may have a good case to hold the other driver liable for the harm you have suffered.

Is It Worthwhile To File Suit?

While each accident case is different, rear-end collisions often carry the possibility of serious injury, even more so than other types. The reason is that with, say, a side-impact collision, one might conceivably be able to see the other vehicle coming and take some kind of evasive action. With rear-impact crashes, evasive action is much less likely; a wreck that comes as a shock will be more likely to lead to serious harm like traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) or spinal injuries. While every injured person must make their own decisions as to how to proceed after a collision, it is often worth it to explore the possibility of filing suit.

Even if you have sustained serious injuries from the wreck, it is crucial that you remember that the presumption of the following driver’s negligence is only a presumption. In Louisiana, a presumption can be overturned by clear and convincing evidence. If the driver can show that they were in fact following at a safe distance, and that they had control of their vehicle at all times, the fault may shift to you, the plaintiff, or lead to a different outcome entirely.

Contact A Shreveport Rear-End Collision Attorney

No car crash is easy to bounce back from, but rear-end collisions can be especially dangerous. If you have been injured in a rear-end crash, your injuries are likely significant. The Shreveport rear-end collision attorneys from Rice & Kendig can help you get through the legal process. Call our office today at 318-222-2772 for a free consultation.



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