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New Study Addresses Pedestrian Injuries in Vehicle Crashes Versus Falls


Pedestrian injuries in Shreveport and throughout Louisiana have multiple causes, but they usually involve collisions or falls. Collisions that harm pedestrians can involve pedestrians being struck by a motor vehicle, a bicyclist, an e-bike rider, or a city bus. While falls do result in a significant number of injuries, a recent study conducted by researchers at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health reveals that “the probability of a pedestrian suffering a severe injury is higher for motor vehicle collisions as compared to falls.” What should you know about the data concerning pedestrian injuries in motor vehicle collisions? Our Shreveport personal injury lawyers can say more.

Data on Severe Pedestrian Injuries in Motor Vehicle Crashes 

How much more often are motor vehicle collisions severe for pedestrians when compared with falls? The Columbia University researchers cite data that shows “32 percent of pedestrians struck by motor vehicles were classified as having an ‘emergent’ or ‘critical’ condition by the EMS clinician, while 19 percent of pedestrians injured by falls were similarly recorded.”

The study does emphasize that falls resulting in injuries tend to occur more often and pose a more significant concern for older adults (who tend to fall more often), but both types of pedestrian injuries are essential for urban and suburban areas to address.

Steps to Take After a Pedestrian Injury in a Motor Vehicle Collision

 If you are injured as a pedestrian in a collision involving a car or truck, what steps should you take in order to be eligible to seek compensation for your losses? In the aftermath of a pedestrian collision, it can be difficult — or even impossible — for a pedestrian to take any steps at the scene of the crash due to the severity of their injuries. Yet if it is possible, the following steps can help to support your pedestrian injury lawsuit later on:

  • Document the scene of the injury with your phone — take photos and video if possible, and capture images from a distance and from close up with the zoom function on your phone;
  • Obtain all relevant information from the driver or drivers involved in the collision, including vehicle information, and name and insurance information;
  • Identify any witnesses around the scene and obtain their names and contact information;
  • Seek medical attention as quickly as possible, even if your injuries seem minor — delaying medical attention could result in injuries worsening significantly; and
  • Get help from a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Contact Our Shreveport Pedestrian Injury Attorneys Today 

Motor vehicle collisions are often debilitating and deadly when they involve pedestrians. As the recent study underscores, pedestrians are extremely vulnerable to severe and fatal injuries when they are struck by cars and trucks. If you were injured recently in a pedestrian collision involving a motor vehicle, or if you lost a loved one in a traffic crash because of a negligent motorist, you should seek help from an experienced Shreveport pedestrian injury lawyer at Rice & Kendig, LLC. We can discuss the details of your case with you today and provide you with more information about your options for compensation.



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