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Louisiana Motorcycle Crashes Can Be Deadly


Data from Louisiana State University (LSU) estimates that in 2020, approximately 1,187 people were injured or killed in motorcycle crashes in the state. This is a somewhat lower rate than the national average. The fact remains that motorcycle crashes are approximately 29 times more likely to result in death or injury for the rider or their passengers, and Louisiana roads can be just as dangerous as those in any other state. If you have been in a collision with another driver in Louisiana, it can lead to serious injury or death, for which you can seek compensation.

After a motorcycle crash, many people will simply want to focus on physical recovery, figuring that the process involved with filing suit against the negligent driver would be too cumbersome or intimidating. In reality, though, the right Shreveport-Bossier City motorcycle collision attorney can make the process much easier, and give you a better chance at being awarded the compensation you and your family deserve.

Motorcyclists Are At Risk

Motorcycle crashes can, and very often do, lead to injuries much more serious than those incurred by drivers or passengers in automobiles. Quite simply, motorcyclists have far less protection in wrecks than automobile occupants do. Automobile drivers and passengers have metal, glass, and safety systems like belts and airbags to help minimize the risk of injury or death. Those riding motorcycles have their helmets (which Louisiana does require) and clothing, but not much else.

In addition to the initial mismatch in terms of protection levels, many motorcycle crashes happen because a vehicle driver is unaware of a cycle’s presence, denying the rider a chance to react quickly enough to protect themselves. For example, one common pattern which leads to motorcycle crashes is when an automobile driver turns into traffic without properly checking for a cycle to their left. Another common occurrence is an auto driver operating their vehicle while distracted, which means they are more likely to miss a smaller cycle than if all their attention was on the road.

Because of the combination of less protection and a lack of visibility to some auto drivers, the injuries sustained in most motorcycle collisions are statistically more likely to be very serious. Some of the most common include traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), broken bones, road rash (friction burns, particularly common if your accident occurred on a gravel or blacktop road), and spinal injuries. If you or a loved one suffered these types of injuries, it is understandable to want to seek compensation for what you have been through.

Should I File Suit?

Louisiana is a fault state in terms of auto insurance, meaning that if your injuries are serious enough, you may try and file suit against the party who allegedly caused them. In Louisiana, road users have a general duty to exercise due care on the road, and if you are able to establish that someone breached that duty of care, and that their actions were the direct cause of the harm you suffered, they will generally wind up responsible for your damages. Be advised that if you are deemed to have been partially responsible for your own injuries (for example, if you were not wearing a helmet), any recovery would be lowered by your percentage of fault.

Louisiana has a more moderate climate than large portions of the U.S., and many take advantage of it by riding motorcycles more often. However, there is always a risk that comes with motorcycle riding; if you are so unfortunate as to be involved in a crash, your injuries can be serious or even life-threatening. Enlisting a Shreveport motorcycle accident attorney from Rice & Kendig can be the first step toward getting the closure you and your family deserve. Contact our office today at 318-222-2772 for a free consultation.




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