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Headaches Could Be An Indicator Of A Larger Health Issue


After any car collision, it is in your best interests to have your health assessed by a medical professional, and this is definitely true if you are experiencing headaches following a car crash. It is true that the headache you are experiencing could simply be a headache, but there are also times when a headache is a symptom of a health issue that is far more serious. You could be suffering from whiplash injuries or a brain injury, which can be minor or serious.

Expenses for concussions, brain injuries, and whiplash harm could be part of an insurance settlement. Having medical documentation is an important part of strengthening your argument for compensation. Talk to a Shreveport injury lawyer about what compensation amount could be possible given the details of your car crash and recovery.

Headaches Could Be Connected to Concussion and Whiplash Injuries

When a person’s head is hit hard or shaken aggressively, a concussion could result. A concussion is a type of brain injury that can result in balance problems, confusion, memory loss, blurred vision, and light sensitivity. The extent of the injury needs to be diagnosed by a medical professional who can develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Whiplash injuries are common in rear-end collisions. This is because the injuries are often connected to your neck being snapped back and forth suddenly. These types of injuries can lead to soreness, a reduced range of motion, stiffness, and headaches.

Some head injuries have life-long complications for car wreck victims. If health complications can be addressed immediately, it could be more likely that a recovery plan with positive outcomes can be put into place. Dismissing any physical pains or symptoms after a wreck can be risky, because health complications from car crashes are common.

Hopefully, any injury sustained by you or a loved one involved in a car wreck will be minor. If the injury is severe, surgery or physical therapy may be required. Medical stays and ongoing therapies can be expensive, compensation is often needed in order for a family to financially manage car crash injuries.

Louisiana Car Wrecks Can Cause Minor or Severe Injuries

Immediately following a car collision, you will likely have adrenaline pumping through your body. This adrenaline rush could lead you to believe you are fine, but there could be an issue you are not aware of; one that leads to headaches and pain in the hours, or days following a wreck. Seemingly small symptoms can be indicators of large health issues. Seek the advice of a medical professional as soon as you can after a collision.

Have you been suffering from headaches after a Louisiana car crash? The personal injury lawyers at Rice & Kendig can negotiate with an insurance company for you. We truly care about our clients and devote our knowledge, skills and resources toward securing a great result every time. You do not need to navigate complicated negotiations on your own. Together, we can achieve success. Contact us today at 318-222-2772 to schedule your free consultation.

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