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Deadly Summer Driving: What to Know


The summer months tend to involve more motor vehicle collisions and fatal traffic crashes than other months of the year. As such, there are often references to the “100 deadly days of summer,” or the “100 deadliest days,” according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. This is because the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day statistically have the highest rate of teen driver fatalities than any other time of the year. According to AAA, the rise in teen driving deaths is likely due to “the fact that more teens are driving for longer periods in the summer since schools are out and they have more free time.” Yet the summer months can also involve a higher rate of serious and deadly injuries among other types of drivers and vehicle occupants as well.

Our Shreveport injury lawyers can tell you more about severe collisions during the summer in Louisiana.

Summer Driving is Especially Deadly 

Although fatal motor vehicle crashes occur at all times of the year, about 50 percent of all US states see a rise in deadly collisions in June, July, and August. Teen driving fatalities, in particular, tend to rise during the summer months. In fact, more than half of all teen traffic deaths occur during these three months. According to AAA, the rise in fatalities results from an increased number of teen drivers on the road engaging in risky behaviors, as well as a general rise in automobile traffic.

During the summer, families plan summer vacations and road trips while kids are out of school, and traffic tends to increase especially around summer holidays like the 4th of July. When there are more vehicles on the roads — even when inclement weather is much less of a risk in most parts of the country — risks of collisions tend to rise. There are more chances for driver negligence and other hazards that can ultimately lead to a crash and injuries.

Common Causes of Summer Motor Vehicle Crashes 

Given that motor vehicle collision risks tend to increase during the summer, it is important to know about the common causes of these crashes among teens and other drivers. By understanding the causes, you can help your teen to avoid them, and you can take steps to do the same when you are behind the wheel. Common causes of summer traffic collisions include but are not limited to:

  • Distracted driving;
  • Aggressive driving and road rage;
  • Increased stress, which can lead to distracted driving and aggressive driving;
  • Fatigued driving, especially on extended road trips; and
  • Intoxicated driving.

Filing a Claim After a Summer Car Crash 

In the aftermath of a car crash involving injuries to you or someone you love, it is essential to speak with a lawyer to learn about your options for seeking compensation. You may be able to obtain compensation by filing an auto insurance claim, or a personal injury lawyer might recommend a civil lawsuit depending on the facts of your case. You should know that Louisiana law typically only gives injured people one year from the date of the car crash to file a claim, so you should get started as quickly as possible.

Contact a Shreveport Auto Accident Attorney Today 

If you have questions about seeking compensation after a motor vehicle collision, an experienced Shreveport auto injury lawyer at Rice & Kendig can discuss your legal options with you today.



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