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Can Truck Driver Behaviors Predict Crash Risks?


Large truck crashes can be devastating and fatal, especially for occupants of cars or light trucks who are involved in a collision with an 18-wheeler or big rig. In recent years, a wide range of technological innovations have attempted to reduce the risk of large truck crashes, including many types of automation. Yet is the answer much simpler, and can we actually identify the likelihood of a trucking collision based on the truck driver’s behavior and driving history? According to a study reported in Truckers News, there are specific types of truck driver behaviors that may help to predict the likelihood of a serious collision. What are those predictive factors? Our Shreveport truck injury attorneys can provide you with more information.

New Study Shows Previous Traffic Violations and Other Factors May Predict Crash Risks 

A truck driver’s behavior on the road in the past can help to predict whether that truck driver might be involved in a collision in the future. Indeed, according to the article in Truckers News, “having a previous crash increased a truck driver’s probability of having a future crash by 113 percent.” In addition, that article discusses the study’s findings concerning other predictive behaviors. In short, if a truck driver has received a particular type of driving violation in the past, their risk of a crash increases. The likelihood of a crash depends upon the type of driving violation.

In addition to a truck driver’s individual traffic violation and crash history, the age of the truck driver can also be a factor in predicting the possibility of a collision. Sex can also be a predictive factor. For example, truck drivers who are aged 24 and older tend to be involved in more crashes than younger truck drivers who are just getting started. In addition, male truck drivers are more likely to be involved in collisions than female truck drivers. Indeed, data in the study suggests that “males are 14 percent more likely to be involved in a crash than females.”

Types of Predictive Traffic Violations 

What are some of the types of violations that can be predictive in determining whether a truck driver is likely to be involved in a crash? The study lists all the following citations or violations as potential predictors for the likelihood of a trucking collision:

  • Truck light violation;
  • Truck defect;
  • Braking violation;
  • Hours-of-service violation;
  • Tire violation;
  • Size and weight violation;
  • Speeding citation;
  • Emergency equipment violation;
  • Windshield violation;
  • Inspection violation;
  • Log book violation, meaning that the driver did not have a log book or the log book was not current;
  • Load securement violation;
  • Having a false log book;
  • Citation for failure to obey traffic control device; and
  • Citation for failing to wear a seat belt.

Some citations or violations are more likely than others to predict a truck driver’s future involvement in a crash. In particular, violations or citations concerning the driver’s behavior (such as speeding or failing to properly maintain a log book or violating hours-of-service regulations) were particularly telling.

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