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Caddo Parish Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

There is nothing that beats the freedom of riding a motorcycle on the open road. Yet every experienced motorcyclist understands the risks involved. Even the safest rider is at the mercy of car and truck drivers, many of whom believe the road exclusively belongs to them. Such attitudes often lead to catastrophic–even deadly–motorcycle accidents.

When the worst does happen, the Caddo Parish motorcycle accident lawyers at Rice & Kendig, LLC, are here to help. We can help you obtain compensation from the negligent driver who collided with your motorcycle and left you with unpaid medical bills and lost wages. And even when the other driver was clearly at fault, we can represent you in dealing with an insurance company that is pressuring you into accepting a low settlement offer.

Why Motorcycle Accidents Occur

There is still a common misconception that motorcyclists are all reckless outlaws who pose a threat to innocent motorists. The reality is that it is often the people driving “safer” cars and trucks who pose a threat to motorcyclists. Some of the more common reasons motorcycle accidents occur include:

  • a driver fails to yield the right-of-way to a motorcyclist;
  • a driver does not check their blind spot before executing a lane change and hits a motorcycle;
  • a driver is speeding and not keeping a proper lookout for motorcycles; or
  • a driver is intoxicated.

Aside from negligent motorists, a motorcycle accident can also be the result of dangerous road conditions, such as a unrepaired pothole, or a defect in the bike itself. If that is the case, a local government or manufacturer may be held legally responsible for the motorcyclist’s injuries.

Obtaining Compensation for a Motorcycle Accident

Given the lack of protection relative to a car or other enclosed motor vehicle, the injuries from a motorcycle accident are often devastating if not fatal. It is not uncommon for motorcyclists to sustain traumatic brain injuries or soft tissue damage from sliding on pavement (i.e., road rash). Even if a driver is wearing a helmet, they can still receive serious head and facial injuries that may require surgery and extensive physical rehabilitation.

If you can legally prove that someone caused your motorcycle accident, they can be held responsible for all of your past and future medical bills. In addition, you are entitled to damages for your loss of compensation–the wages you lost from missing work–and future earning potential. A jury can also award non-economic damages as compensation for your ongoing pain and suffering.

Unfortunately, not every motorcycle accident victim survives their injuries. When this happens, Louisiana law entitles certain heirs to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the parties responsible for causing the accident. The damages available in a wrongful death case are similar to a traditional personal injury action, but there are some key differences that an attorney can advise you about.

So if you, or a member of your family, have been involved in a motorcycle accident and you would like to learn more about your legal options for obtaining compensation, contact Rice & Kendig, LLC, today at 318-222-2772 to schedule a free, no-obligation contact with one of our Caddo Parish personal injury lawyers.

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