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Monthly Archives: July 2023


Speed is a Major Factor in Motor Vehicle Injuries

By ​Rice & Kendig, LLC |

Whether you are driving on an urban or suburban street in or around Shreveport, or you are on a rural road elsewhere in Louisiana, speeding can be a major factor in causing a serious or deadly crash. Most drivers know that speeding is dangerous, yet motorists continue to drive at speeds that exceed posted… Read More »

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What Are the Major Causes of Distracted Driving Crashes?

By ​Rice & Kendig, LLC |

Distracted driving is extremely dangerous, and many people associate it with texting while driving, or talking on a handheld phone while driving. While distracted driving rates do appear to have risen with the widespread use of smartphones, it is critical to remember that distracted driving is a problem that is much bigger than the… Read More »

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Drunk Driving Crashes And Comparative Fault

By ​Rice & Kendig, LLC |

Were you recently injured in a drunk driving crash caused by an impaired driver? You should be making plans to speak with a Shreveport drunk driving injury lawyer to find out more about your options for seeking compensation, including the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the intoxicated motorist who caused the wreck. In… Read More »

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Five Things to Know About Boating Injury Liability in Louisiana

By ​Rice & Kendig, LLC |

In summer, more Louisiana residents are planning boating excursions, and many visitors to the state will enjoy recreational boating while in and around the Shreveport area. Yet boating can be extremely dangerous, and people can suffer serious and deadly injuries. What do you need to know about boating injury liability in Louisiana? Consider the… Read More »

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