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Motorcycle/Bicycle Wrecks

When a motorcyclist or bicyclist is involved in a wreck, the injuries can be catastrophic. Injured plaintiffs in the majority of our cases involving a wreck between an automobile and a motorcycle/bicycle suffered brain injuries, spinal injuries or both. The process of recovering from a severe injury usually takes time and extensive medical treatment. As a result, medical expenses can be colossal.

Brain and spinal injuries can have a significant impact on an injured person's ability to work and enjoy life. If a person is unable to work as a result of an injury, it causes additional financial stress not knowing how substantial medical bills will be paid. At Rice & Kendig we have the resources to provide you with quality healthcare to increase the likelihood of a successful recovery. If you are permanently injured, you will need a life care plan to make sure you can support yourself and your family. Our firm will take the time to prepare your case to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation under the law.

If you have been injured as a result of a motorcycle or bicycle wreck contact the law firm of Rice & Kendig to set up a free consultation today. We can guide you through the difficult road ahead and help you rebuild your life. We have successfully handled many motorcycle and bicycle injury cases resulting in significant recoveries that helped families get back on their feet.

What Clients Say

“I had an accident in Jan 2012, my car was totaled and I was facing substantial medical bills when the other party was at fault and their insurance company was dodging me. I was referred to Rice and Kendig by one of my friends at the office and that's when I contacted Marshall Rice. Marshall was real helpful and prompt with everything, was patient in explaining everything to me, this being my first personal injury situation, the staff were very friendly and they go the extra mile to help you in every way they can. Knock on wood, I wouldn't be in this type of situation ever again, but if I ever do, Marshall Rice is the guy.”
Srinivasa Teja Palla, Shreveport, LA

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